In Store Experience

How it Works

Looking for something new and fun to do around town?  Visit Candle Opera candle store for a unique and memorable experience, including a little DIY candle making, and leave with your own hand crafted, custom scented candle creation! 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

STEP 1 - Select your container

We have an assortment of simple and elegant containers of various sizes and colors to fit your decor.

STEP 2 - Select your scents

Explore our extensive selection of pure fragrance oils by simply smelling!  That's right, let your nose do the work...and enjoy an amazing aroma experience.! We supply clip board, pen and paper so that you can record your favorites.

STEP 3 - Craft your candle

Belly up to the candle bar, and our Scent Stylist will  provide you with all the supplies and guidance needed to help you create your custom candle creation. You will  start by mixing fragrance oils to create your own signature scent.  We then fill your choice of container with hot wax and you gently mix your scent into the melted wax for a couple of minutes.  It takes about 2 hours for your candle to set up, which is the perfect amount of time to go grab a coffee, cocktail or some grub.  When you return, your custom candle creation will be all packaged and ready for you to enjoy!

Crafting your custom candle usually takes about 30 minutes, and then another couple of hours for the wax to set up, but don't fret if you don't have that much can come back at a later date  to collect your candle or you can shop our extensive in store selection of hand crafted candles in our most favorite and popular scents!

If you'd like to take your candle home the day it is created, please plan on arriving 2 1/2 hours before closing time.

Are you ready for a little hands on creativity?  Visit us soon..we look forward to providing a unique, fun and memorable experience!


Candle Opera offers hands on creativity and a fun experience.  Create your own custom scented candle

Candle Opera offers hands on creativity and a fun experience.  Create your own custom scented candle

On-Line Experience

How it Works

Fragrance and scents are embedded in our memories and can invoke deep feelings and emotions.  Do you have a favorite scent?  Perhaps there is a scent that reminds you of your childhood or a favorite season. Maybe it's the scent of a favorite sweet treat or cocktail that floods your memories. Browse our extensive selection of premium fragrance oils and create your own Symphony of Scents.  First, select the top note.  This will make up about 75% of your scented candle. Then select a second fragrance that will complement the first.  We call this the bottom note and it will make up the remaining 25% of the fragrance of your candle.  We will craft and hand pour your custom scented candle in our studio, and ship it right to your doorstep for your enjoyment.

Need some inspiration?  Some of our favorite customer creations include:

Patchouli and Lavender

Cabernet and Firewood

Firewood and Mulled Cider

Apple Hot Baked Pie and Cranberry

Mango and Pearberry

Get the idea?  It's easy and fun!  Just click on over to the Shop page and start your first creation!  Trust us, it won't be your last!

Select two premium fragrance oils for your custom scented natural soy candle.

Select two premium fragrance oils for your custom scented natural soy candle.